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Nov 21, 2023 - Dec 17, 2023


  • 27Days


A journey of self-discovery and self-connection, where you'll learn to nurture a deeper, more profound relationship with yourself. This experience is about starting anew, creating intimacy with your own body, and truly listening to the song of your heart. Over four weeks, you'll gain practical embodiment tools that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. 1. Discover how to sense inwards, connect with your inner stability, and establish a strong foundation. 2. Expand into a loving relationship of acceptance with yourself. Embrace all aspects of your being and start to cultivate self-love. 3. Access inner strength to show up for yourself, express your needs, and develop the confidence to create meaningful boundaries. 4. Open up to your creative potential, trust the flow and wisdom from within, and find lightness in being. In a world that often prioritizes external stimuli and aspirations, the course will help you return home to yourself, trust your inner wisdom, and learn to listen inwardly. It's a journey of embodied mastery, where you'll embrace your emotions without feeling overwhelmed. Together, we'll explore the process of going in to come out, finding your inner resource, and grounding yourself. Through playful and intuitive practices, you'll rediscover yourself and uncover the path to self-connection, self-love, and self-trust. Live Calls: Tuesdays 9am UK/ 10am CET/ 8pm Sydney Recordings available after. Content for the week will be unlocked the day before.

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