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May 4, 2024 - Jun 1, 2024

  • 29Days


Ignite Your Inner Power, Unleash Your Authentic Self This four-week experience is designed to help you trust in your inner strength, embrace your inner fire, and set boundaries with unwavering confidence. Dive into the realms of pleasure and passion as you discover how to authentically and confidently show up for yourself and others'. Week 1: What Holds You Back The journey begins with an exploration of the factors that may be holding you back. We'll delve into the core reasons behind self-doubt and limitations, setting the stage for transformation. Week 2: Embrace Your Fire Week two is dedicated to embracing your fiery side. Learn about anger, frustration and how to turn them into supportive allies rather than destructive and suppressed forces. Week 3: Ignite Your Passion In the third week, we will fan the previously befriended flames in another form and tap into the subtler dimensions of passion and desires. Tap into deep sources of pleasure and joy, reigniting an enthusiasm for life. Week 4: Stepping into the Light The final week is about stepping into the spotlight with confidence. You'll learn how to show up authentically and confidently in your personal life, in your interactions with others, and even in public spaces. "re-Claim" is designed to unlock the potential of your inner power, confidence, and authenticity. It's time to step into a more empowered, self-assured version of yourself.

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