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Hi there!

I'm Christina - Embodiment Coach, Somatic Educator, passionate dancer and relationship stewardess.

My mission is to bring you back to your  body and establish the best relationship you could possibly have with yourself and others.

You will learn to trust and express yourself more fully. Unlearn outdated patterns  and form new supportive habits to confidently create and relate.


This page offers a little insight into my own journey and formative experiences so that you get a better sense of who I am.  


Already on board or want to find out more about how I can best support?

What is Embodiment Coaching?

Embodiment goes beyond mere body awareness; it's about how you inhabit and express through your physical self. We build upon the foundation of mindfulness and couple it with a deliberate commitment to personal growth.

At its heart, embodiment encompasses awareness, embracing change wholeheartedly, and nurturing purposeful intentions.

This empowers you to navigate forward with a heightened sense of conscious choice.


We don't merely engage in intellectual discussions. Your physical expression, movement, posture, breath and visualisation all play integral roles in your transformative journey.

This is my journey

Self-mastery, spirituality and enduring.

Growing up as an only child with a single mom, I learned early on to be fiercely independent and self-reliant. But that same drive also led me down a path of perfectionism, self-doubt, and a harsh inner critic. I struggled with feeling like a burden to those around me and not believing in my intrinsic worth.​​

My journey towards self-mastery and spirituality began at a young age. I was inspired by the Shaolin monks and Eastern philosophies, and started practicing different martial arts at just 12 years old. By 14, I was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism and started meditating and practicing spiritual discipline.


Always seeking challenge and growth, I moved to Japan at 16 to study and live with a host family. But this came at a cost. 

To fit in I suppressed my emotions and developed an eating disorder in response to a perceived loss of control.

Image by Chandan Chaurasia

When talking doesn't help you dance.

After finishing my Masters in social sciences in the Netherlands, I was lost and directionless, facing my first heartbreak. I tried talk therapy but found it wasn't helping. It was then that I realised the only way to heal was by getting into my body.


I started belly dancing and contact improvisation, which transformed everything.

I was finally able to reconnect with joy, aliveness, and myself.

Aikido and personal growth.

In 2015, I felt a calling to deepen my embodied and spiritual practice and moved into a Dojo to practice Aikido, yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry on a daily basis.


It was 15 months of facing patterns, conditioned behaviours, and beliefs, leading to expansion and growth. And while the black belt I received was a symbolic token of my inner growth, the real reward was in the transformation of my mindset.


Laying down the
armour, embracing intimacy.

Through all the martial arts, I cultivated confidence, assertiveness, and clarity but also fed the warrior archetype that wore an armour and rejected vulnerability and failure.


To embrace my feminine and free flowing side, I engaged in belly dance, 5 Rhythms and contact improvisation, and followed intimacy, conscious relating and sexuality teachings. 


Stretching my comfort zone and riding the waves that came with allowing parts of myself that had been neglected to be re-integrated.

Passing on the tools is the biggest gift and teacher.

For the past six years, I've been successfully coaching others using an embodied approach. I also offer workshops around the world, with many focusing on relating and conflict transformation.


My approach combines conversation, small exercises, postural work, breath, and movement to tap into the psychosomatic dimensions of our being. I provide clients with concrete tools and techniques that they can practice through their body at home to initiate lasting change.


Through my journey, I've learned that connecting back to our embodied intelligence is not only key to self-empowerment, but also to making this world a better place.


I'm excited to share my experience and knowledge with you and help you on your own journey towards embodied self-discovery and fulfillment.

Tropical Flower

Training and experience

  • Co-lead Trainer on CEC (Certification of Embodiment Coaching), since 2022 

    • Trainer on FEC (Foundations of Embodiment Course) and CEC since 2020

  • Sacred Journeys into Yoga for Women, 200h YTTC  with Lorraine Taylor, Thailand 2021

  • Embodiment Conference Intimacy and Relationships Channel Manager, 2020

  • Thai Massage Training with ITM, Thailand, 2018

  • Embodied Facilitator and Coach Certification, 2017

  • EYP (Embodied Yoga Principles) TTC, 2017

  • Aikido Black Belt, 1st Dan Aikikai, 2015 with 15 month full time immersion

  • Conscious Conflict Resolution Training Assistant, 2015

  • Sunyata Yoga school Assistant Teacher, 2015

  • Chakra Yoga Fundamentals Training

  • 18 years of martial arts, 9 years of Contact Improvisation and numerous other somatic and awareness practices

  • Experience as Innovation Consultant, Design and Market Researcher in London and Berlin

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