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1:1 Coaching

Embrace the emerging you and live the most empowered and connected version of your life.

What I can support you with.

I will help you build the skills and capacity to be your kindest, most authentic and confidently connected self.


You will deepen your self-awareness, understand your patterns and learn to accept yourself while gaining the concrete tools to change what no longer serves the direction you are going.


We will identify your specific goals, break them into achievable steps and unblock what is still holding you back from embracing your emerging self.


You will learn to. . . 

  • Connect deeply to your body as a friend and wisdom keeper

  • Better navigate stress and overwhelm in daily life

  • Build confidence in your personal and professional life

  • Embrace emotions as valuable messengers and transform them

  • Create more fulfilling and empowered relationships by knowing yourself, your boundaries and needs

I will equip you with simple embodied practices to achieve your goals. Be your cheerleader, guide and accountability partner, taking you by the hand where necessary. And show you that all you need is already within you. 

How does it work?

Where do we start?

Let's have a discovery call to speak face to face and determine if we are a match. You can share what it is you are looking for and I will explain more about myself and my approach, and answer any questions you might have.

How long is the process?

This depends on you and your goals. We can work for 6 weeks or for 12 weeks together. Anything less makes little sense to see changes and integrate the work we will be doing. 

What is included?

​We will closely look at your needs and desires. There is no one fits all approach even if many tools work for many different people. I am really interested in fitting the process to you personally. That said, the basic programs include:

  • Weekly live zoom coaching calls of 60 min 

  • Tailored practices to follow between sessions

  • Individualised follow up summary of what we did

  • My full presence, support and non-judgemental ear 

  • Optional add on: micro coaching via (voice) messages 

What is the investment?

The 6 week journey in full: 750,- GBP // 950,- USD

The 12 week journey in full: 1455,- GBP // 1850,- USD

“Christina helped me gain a much clearer and deeper understanding of my pattern, but more importantly, she offered remarkably useful tools for me to practice and apply in my daily life. Since, tackling this behaviour pattern has become much less challenging - in fact, I enjoy finding the opportunities to put into practice what I learnt. Empowering work through and through! I can highly recommend Cristina as a coach for those willing to bring their inner-work from the cognitive to an embodied level."

Fred Day, UK

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