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Monthly Masterclasses

Exploring the embodied relational dimensions of being human with

Flouer & Christina

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May 12

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May Masterclass



May 12
4pm CET/ 10am EST

we will ​decide on a topic shortly and let you know 

Previous Masterclasses

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Image by Clay Banks

April Masterclass

Honouring, Consent, Enhancing Listening

April 14
4pm CET/ 10am EST

Have you ever felt the disconnect when someone gives you well-meaning advice, but it’s just not what you want or need in that moment?  Sometimes, all we crave is to express ourselves without feeling pressured to be "fixed".  

  • How can we genuinely listen without the urge to immediately fix?

  • When and how should we prioritise seeking consent before offering feedback?

Explore the art of understanding your vulnerabilities and effectively expressing your needs.

Learn to cultivate an open mind and body to receive feedback gracefully, separating your self worth from the words being shared.  

In this Masterclass we will delve into the complexities of giving and receiving feedback with nuance, sincerity and trust.

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March Masterclass

Accountability, Sovereignty & Choice

March 17

How do you feel about navigating your boundaries when it is not a simple "yes" or "no"? Are you able to adapt to different people and situations while remaining true to yourself?

Life often presents us with complex scenarios where finding a balance between our desires and the expectations of those close to us isn't straightforward. 

Whether you're just starting to assert yourself or you consider yourself a seasoned "boundary master," we invite you to join us for a 90-minute exploration of the concept that boundaries are dynamic and essential allies in navigating life's intricate challenges.


What is an authentic no or yes?

Where do responsibilities play into it and why it is about so much more than simply learning to "say no".

February Masterclass

Find your style of Flirting 
Embrace your embodied toolbox of charms

February 11

Do you want to create meaningful connections but feel at a loss of ideas sometimes on how to even begin? 

What to say, how to hold yourself. Just being yourself sounds confusing and ends up in shyness or awkwardness?

Whether you're single and ready to mingle or already coupled up, join us for an insightful journey into the world of flirting that goes beyond clichés. We will dive into four embodied flavours that can inspire you not just in flirting.

Image by Tolga Ulkan

January Masterclass

Spirals of Envy &
Transforming Jealousy into Growth

January 21

Do you ever look at the “glorious” life of someone else and start having negative thoughts about your own life?

Or scoff at a colleague’s success with disdain, then realize there was something about them you wish you could have for yourself?

Envy and jealousy are sneaky things that slide through our thoughts, causing disruption and dismay. Let's explore how to transform them.

December Masterclass

Soulful Celebrations 
Embodied Wisdom for Holiday Stress

December 16th

Meet the holidays equipped with tools that anchor you firmly in your values. Dive into stress-resilience strategies, unlocking the perfect recipe for a meaningful and serene holiday experience.

Beyond the tinsel and wrapping paper, discover the intricate dance of relationships.


Hosted by

Flouer & Christina

Both, trained trauma aware Embodiment Facilitators, sharing a love for dance and deep passion to uncover and challenge relational patterns to create more fulfilling relationships and lives.

Flouer Evelyn

Flouer (pronounced “flower”) is an Embodiment Facilitator and partner dance instructor dedicated to helping people navigate the many relationships in their lives, beginning with the relationship to oneself. 


She has a warm and encouraging approach to coaching, fostering growth through a blend of acceptance, integrity, and effective boundary setting. 


Since 2010 Flouer has traveled the world facilitating experiences through Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.  She is a graduate of both the University and Mentee programs at Embodiment Unlimited, and takes pleasure in integrating the company's tools with her own modalities.


Though she was born and raised American, between her travels for teaching she can be found spending quality time with her husband at home in Turin, Italy.

Christina Dohr

Christina is an Embodiment Coach and Facilitator, passionate contact improvisation practitioner and movement lover. 

As a coach she creates compassionate spaces to explore and understand emotions and patterns to unlock the key to living a more fulfilling life.


Born in Germany, currently based in Thailand, she has embraced a largely nomadic life and offers workshops and classes around the world. Always adding humour and lightheartedness to the deep inquiries.

She daws on her own quest to know, trust and express herself more fully, and a vast amount of practices she found along the way including meditation, dance, embodied movement, breath, Aikido and neo-tantra, communication practices. 

Her motto is get out of the head and into the body to find your inner strength and peace.

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