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December Masterclass

Soulful Celebrations 
Embodied Wisdom for Holiday Stress

December 16th
3pm CET / 9am EST 

Meet the holidays equipped with tools that anchor you firmly in your values. Dive into stress-resilience strategies, unlocking the perfect recipe for a meaningful and serene holiday experience. Beyond the tinsel and wrapping paper, discover the intricate dance of relationships.


Overview and important questions


Why you would want to join

To learn to take a deep breath and see the caring intentions behind when grandma asks yet again when you will get pregnant/ get married/ fill in the blank.

To recognise the values your parents have when they start talking about their favourite politicians that you don’t agree with.

Find how to still share meaningfully with your siblings / old schoolmates, while you have chosen completely different lifestyles instead of getting stuck in judgements of right or wrong, better or worse.


In short:

  • Spend a more balanced holiday time with loved ones

  • Prioritize connection beyond differences

  • Find space to breathe and take out some pressure 

  • Survive the holidays with more grace and ease, and possibly even enjoy yourself!


Why the focus on embodiment?

Most scenarios of conflict and stress are based in our emotional realities and physically connected to our bodies through our nervous systems. You cannot think your way into calmness - it takes a body based approach,

The physical is also the easiest level to approach with concrete tools. It is more impactful to include and start with the body. 


What you will walk away with
  • Tools to anchor into what you actually care about

  • Practical stress resilience tools to modulate your own state

  • A model of relationships as a third entity to care for helping you see beyond ego based wrong and right opinions

  • Strategies to handle heated situations and not let them boil over


What you will NOT gain
  • Untouchable calm and not feeling potentially a little annoyed

  • Enlightenment

  • Superhuman abilities to shut out your feelings, become a saint or virgin Mary herself

  • Trauma healing

While we won't promise an untouchable state of calm or overnight enlightenment, what you will gain is practical, down-to-earth wisdom. You won't miraculously transform into a saint, untouched by the hustle and bustle. This isn't a crash course in becoming a serene version of Virgin Mary herself. Instead, you'll discover the art of embracing your beautifully human self amidst the holiday chaos. No superhero capes or mystical powers—just genuine strategies for a stress-free and authentic celebration.


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