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Sun, 21 Jan



Spirals of Envy - Transforming Jealousy into Growth

A 90 min masterclass on how to transform jealousy into growth. Learning to shift perspective and work with embodiment to harness the gifts of envy and jealousy for a more fullfilled life.

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Spirals of Envy - Transforming Jealousy into Growth
Spirals of Envy - Transforming Jealousy into Growth

Time & Location

21 Jan 2024, 15:00 – 16:30 CET


About the event

Why you would want to join

How would it be to not waste as much time on other people's social media with their perfect lives wondering "why you cannot have all of this?" and instead root into the gratitude of what is all around you?

Instead of catching yourself in judging this woman harshly for her looks (too sexy, too skinny, too loud, too [...] fill in the blank) how could you celebrate her for all that she dares to show up as? Or that guy who is dating all the gorgeous women, makes lots of money, drives a fancy car. How could you let him be and take it as pointers for who you want to be.

Or maybe it is just about not comparing what you do or offer to all your friends and colleagues anymore and instead celebrating even the smallest success without comparison?

In short:

  • Move from a competition to a collaboration mindset
  • Find avenues for growth and expansion rather than destruction
  • Build capacity to be with uncomfortable experiences
  • Anchor into your intrinsic self-worth


Why the focus on embodiment? 

As most of our human experience cannot be reduced to a rational or cognitive level, especially when face with challenging experiences, we want to look beyond.

In the experience of envy there is a strong emotional and psycho-physiological reality. Thinking your way out of it can be hard if not even impossible at times.

The physical is also the easiest level to approach with concrete tools. It is more impactful to include and start with the body.


What you will walk away with 

  • A shift in how you perceive envy
  • Tools to address the perceived threat on the level of your physiological fight flight reaction
  • Strategies to transform jealousy into growth


What you will NOT gain 

  • Untouchable calm and not feeling potentially jealous ever again
  • Enlightenment
  • Superhuman abilities to shut out your feelings, become a saint or perfectly untouchable
  • Trauma healing

Instead, you'll discover the art of embracing your beautifully human self amidst the unfavourable emotions and stories the mind creates.

No superhero capes or mystical powers—just genuine strategies for a more loving and accepting experience on this earth.

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