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March Masterclass

Accountability, Sovereignty, Choice

How do you feel about navigating your boundaries when a simple "no" doesn't suffice? Are you able to adapt to different people and situations while remaining true to yourself?
Life often presents us with complex scenarios where finding a balance between our desires and the expectations of those close to us isn't straightforward. Sometimes, issuing a rigid ultimatum isn't the path to peace and clarity in our relationships.

Whether you're just starting to assert yourself or you consider yourself a seasoned "boundary master," we invite you to join us for a 90-minute exploration of the concept that boundaries are dynamic and essential allies in navigating life's intricate challenges.

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Overview and important questions


Why you would want to join

Join us to investigate your relationship with boundaries, specifically in moments when it is not straight forward.

This interactive session is designed to provide you the experiential taste of what it feels like to be in limbo, how clarity feels and how we can communicate regardless of where we find ourselves.

Explore the idea of boundaries not as a stone wall or an armour that needs to be upheld against external threats, but rather as an organic and alive ally in navigating the complex waters of life. 

We will introduce an idea of boundaries being created in relationship. A dance that requires radical self-responsibility with a pinch of unapologetic fierceness, and at the same time an honouring of shared fallible humanity.  


In short:

  • Understand the physio-emotional dimensions of boundaries

  • Acquire a framework that will give you more choice and inner flexibility

  • Reclaim the power of decision making through taking radical responsibility 

  • Find compassion and fierceness


Why the focus on embodiment?

As most of our human experience cannot be reduced to a rational or cognitive level, especially when face with challenging experiences, we want to look beyond.


Learning to set boundaries often connects to a sense of needing to defend oneself against a threat and hence comes with a strong emotional and psycho-physiological reality. Thinking your way out of scenarios and an activation based on a perceived threat is near impossible. Therefore we will begin there.

The physical is also the easiest level to approach with concrete tools. It is more impactful to include and start with the body. 


What you will walk away with

Increased confidence in your ability to set boundaries

  • Learn to trust that you are capable and have every right to say no in all possible circumstances, any time, anywhere, with anyone

Understanding of the physiological nature behind confusion:

  • Gain insight into why at times it is not black and white, why we might get stuck in indecision or uncertainty and learn ways out of that.

Tools to strengthen your trust in yourself:

  • At times doubting ourself is the main barrier to setting clear boundaries. You will receive tools to help you practice clarity and increase trust in your own physio-emotional pointers

Embodied Communication skills:

  • Expand your "vocabulary" around decisions and boundaries to offer yourself a much more nuanced pallet of response than just yes and no. ​


What we do NOT offer
  • A way to avoid occasional discomfort when facing conflict

  • Robotic lists of "when A then always B" type of instructions

  • Enlightenment

  • Trauma healing or group therapy


Instead, you'll discover the art of embracing your beautifully human self, with all your wonderful quirks and imperfections, amidst the unfavourable emotions and stories the mind creates.


No superhero capes or mystical powers—just genuine strategies for a more loving and accepting experience on this earth.

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I wanna join, how does it work?


Sign up via our form to participate in the class and receive the recording link.

Live Call

Receive the Zoom link in your email to join the 90 minute live call and participate with your questions and insights.


After the call you will receive another Email with the recording link which will stay available for free for one week. 

Keep connected

We will run these free events about once a month so keep your eyes out for a mail and other channels to sign up again.

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Hosted by

Flouer & Christina

Both, trained trauma aware Embodiment Facilitators, sharing a love for dance and deep passion to uncover and challenge relational patterns to create more fulfilling relationships and lives.

More about the facilitators

Flouer Evelyn

Flouer (pronounced “flower”) is an Embodiment Facilitator and partner dance instructor dedicated to helping people navigate the many relationships in their lives, beginning with the relationship to oneself. 


She has a warm and encouraging approach to coaching, fostering growth through a blend of acceptance, integrity, and effective boundary setting. 


Since 2010 Flouer has traveled the world facilitating experiences through Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.  She is a graduate of both the University and Mentee programs at Embodiment Unlimited, and takes pleasure in integrating the company's tools with her own modalities.


Though she was born and raised American, between her travels for teaching she can be found spending quality time with her husband at home in Turin, Italy.

Christina Dohr

Christina is an Embodiment Coach and Facilitator, passionate contact improvisation practitioner and movement lover. 

As a coach she creates compassionate spaces to explore and understand emotions and patterns to unlock the key to living a more fulfilling life.


Born in Germany, currently based in Thailand, she has embraced a largely nomadic life and offers workshops and classes around the world. Always adding humour and lightheartedness to the deep inquiries.

She daws on her own quest to know, trust and express herself more fully, and a vast amount of practices she found along the way including meditation, dance, embodied movement, breath, Aikido and neo-tantra, communication practices. 

Her motto is get out of the head and into the body to find your inner strength and peace.

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