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Confidently Connected

Create the life and relationships you truly desire through Embodied Intelligence


Do you feel disconnected, overwhelmed or at war with yourself?


Battling to live up to high expectations of who to be, what to accomplish.

The harshest judge being yourself? Never enough. Always too much?

Looking for actionable tools to support you beyond mindset


Tap into your embodied wisdom to cultivate a solid loving awareness and relationship with yourself. Transform your inner critics and saboteurs into allies and cheerleaders. Develop the confidence to blaze your own trail and learn self-regulation tools that will allow you to thrive even when times get rocky. 

You don't need to do this alone!


I am here to help you discover your embodied and emotional intelligence. To align your body, mind and heart. Turn them into an ally and draw on them as wise resources rather than fighting them. 


Dare to trust your inner compass, align with your visions and dreams. Develop the courage to express yourself fully and authentically. And build genuinely fulfilling relationships without compromising.

Aligned.  Empowered.


Hi, I am Christina!

I am here to remind you that you have a well of wisdom within you and that your body is a sanctuary.

As an Embodiment Coach I create a compassionate space to explore and understand your emotions and patterns to unlock the key to living a more fulfilling life.


From my own quest to know, trust and express myself more fully, I gathered a vast amount of tools that I am now happy to share. Combining meditation, dance, embodied movement, breath, Aikido and more. 

Get out of your head and into your body and let me help you find your inner strength and peace.

Work with me

​​My work is about uncovering unconscious embodied patterns and shifting those that no longer serve the life you want to live. While never loosing sight of the play and pleasure of creating.​


Start to trust yourself. Dare to express yourself.


Here are three ways how I can accompany you on this journey.

“Love your radiant authenticity and deep care - felt it throughout the hour! You are doing the work you're meant to in life.
Thanks for sharing your gifts."

Meredith, UK

Image by Chad Madden
We become what we practice.
So let's choose consciously what we practice to become who we want to be.

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